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retired from the Medical Profession....researching alternative methods to better health,creative writings...recently published my second book, "Whatever I'm Still Here "Amazon.com www.BarnesandNoble.com/s/whatever-i'm-still-here

I write non-fiction because life is funnier than fiction..if you ever asked yourself " what was I thinking ?" take a ride with me down "Humor Lane " ....Read about the choices and decisions we make or made in the world and their consequences, as seen through my eyes and remember when life hands you lemons, grab the Vodka and call me....

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    Perceiving of Mr. Right...

    6 months ago

    The world of dating has changed over the years, due to the internet, it is a whole new world. Relationships have changed also... sometimes they don't seem conceivable...and end result is a quandary.

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    Phthalates in Plastic.... Danger to Our Children

    2 weeks ago

    We need to realize there are many changes going on in the food industry, healthcare , education...not all are beneficial to OUR future.

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